Two-Factor authentication- OneDrive

Hi. Our company has started to use two-factor authentication on email addresses. This seems to have blocked rclone from being able to copy into the OneDrive account. Rclone has been running perfectly (thank you to the rclone dev team) until this change. I looked through the docs but found no solution. Has anyone been able to set up OneDrive with the two-factor authentication turned on? I know it’s an odd question, but hoping someone has knowledge they can share. Thanks!

I think this is possible, but I’m not exactly sure how…

I found some useful threads on the duplicati forum

Can you have a go with those and if you get it to work write up how and I can put it in the onedrive docs!

It is possible rclone needs altering to make it work, so if you can’t get it to work then please make a new issue on github then I can get the onedrive backend maintainer to take a look - thanks!


I gave it a try but had no luck! Ill open a new issue on Github.

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