Two cloud services (Dropbox and OneDrive) on the same directory

This is my first post here on this forum. Please bear with me!

I have been using Linux (Kubuntu now) for a long time, and also Dropbox as my backup cloud storage service. I would like to start using OneDrive as well, since that is what some of my collaborators use.

My specific question is:
Right now, I have a local ~/Dropbox folder with all the inner directories synchronized to the cloud Dropbox service. Would I be able to use rclone to synchronize directly some of the subdirectories of ~/Dropbox/ to the cloud OneDrive service? I mean I would, if possible, like to bypass the creation of any specific (default) One Drive directory, either external or internal to the current ~/Dropbox directory; is that possible? I would not really like to mess with any of my current local directory tree...

Thanks in advance.

hello and welcome to the forum,

first, to avoid a mess while doing a test, use this flag

you can use filtering

take a read and if you have questions, then ask.

Dear asdffdsa,

My main concern is whether it is possible to have a given local (at my desktop computer) directory shared/synchronized/monitored simultaneously by Dropbox and OneDrive, so that some of my collaborators using Dropbox and others using OneDrive can both have access to the files on this single local directory without my caring about to have two distinct copies of this directory under distinct paths. I guess your suggestion seems to state that: yes this is possible; right? It goes without saying that I myself have access to both cloud services (Dropbox and OneDrive).

To have a specific example: suppose I have a directory ~/Dropbox/work, already monitored under the Dropbox client application of my Kubuntu Linux. Which exact commands should I give to:
(1) upload this local directory to my OneDrive web account, creating the corresponding remote directory?
(2) keep the local copy and the one created in step (1) automatically synchronized? Or should this process be launched manually everytime?

Should I expect any hiccups or should i have any specific oncerns by trying to have this two-cloud backup services working together via rclone in particular or via any other methods in general?

I hope my doubts are clearer now and thanks again!!

yes, you can sync from local folder to onedrive with rclone.

first, create a remote for onedrive.

then we can work on commands.

seems like you want a rclone union mount...

in this case, what would be the advantage of the union?

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