Trying to use rclone wiht a pull request's feature

I just saw this pull request's feature, and it can allow me to essentially do what autorclone/fclone/gclone does. With the added benefit (I suppose only for autorclone) that I don't need to add a group to the src drive.

But the problem is, I don't know how to get it up and running. I know beta has the latest commit but this is still a pull. What is a way for me to install rclone with that enabled? Thanks!

I wouldn’t download and compile an rclone variant from somebody else unless I was able to identify, read and understand every line of code changed from the original rcone master. You basically risk all the credentials and data you trust to rclone (including you local disk).

In this specific case I would also pay attention to the review comments from @ncw, especially about the Google TOS.

Having said that, I guess the process is quite simple if you clone fionera/rclone
switch to feature/drive-loadbalance and understand the first part of the contributing guide - otherwise I wouldn’t recommend trying.

There is probably an easier way if you already have a local rclone development environment.

So I somehow got it going.

It is really superior to smth lets say like gclone/fclone, which skips damn files.

I got hold of its binary verified to be working, so I was lucky without needing to compile it myself.

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