Troubleshooting error - "can't copy - source file is being updated"

This rclone configuration has been working for quite some time, but just recently started only syncing a handful of files as opposed to all of them. The error given is:

can't copy - source file is being updated


rclone v1.40
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.10

This is syncing from Gluster mounted drives to Dropbox. I have tried unmounting/remounting. I have looked at Gluster for filelocks, did not find any. LSOF did not show me much useful info. I have restarted the glusterfs service. I have restarted the machines.

Any advice? Thanks!

This is a new message for rclone v1.40.

Rclone now checks the open file to see if any of the following change while it is uploading

  • file size
  • modification time

And if they do it produces that message.

I suspect glusterfs is causing this somehow…

Does glusterfs support modification times? Could they be changing on the files as rclone is reading them?

So it does this on nearly every file?

What happens if you run ls -l --full-time /path/to/problem/file repeatedly while rclone is running - do you see it change - maybe in the least significant digits?

Can you please make a new issue on github about this and I’ll send you a debugging binary which will log more stuff and we can try to get to the bottom of it. If you could link to this forum post that would be great - thanks.

Thank you for your input. I filed this issue.