Trouble uploading

It’s been going on for a whole day, but it hasn’t managed to upload the file. Could it be because of the file size? The files I am trying to upload is 64 GB each.

“root@server:~# rclone move /mnt/data/unencrypted/ secret:
2017/02/24 02:32:19 ERROR : 4K/xxx.mkv: Failed to copy: Post write tcp> write: connection reset by peer
2017/02/24 02:32:19 ERROR : 4K/xx.mkv: Not deleting source as copy failed: Post write tcp> write: connection reset by peer”

ACD file size limit is 50G - rclone should have warned you about that…

Just noticed the log is only a debug so I’ve raised the priority so it would appear by default.

Well noted. Thanks.

Is there any particular reason for the file size limit? :slight_smile:

It’s a limit of ACD, not rclone:

Note: You can upload individual files up to 48.82 GB in size to Amazon Drive or Prime Photos. In certain cases, the maximum file upload size may be lower than 48.82 GB due to limitations outside of our service, including limitations with your computer’s web browser settings or specifications.

More info here.

Thanks champ. Didn’t knew that they had a limit

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Hopefully there will be a workaround sometime- I haven’t figured out a solution for chunking large files yet. I have a number of 4K movies that are larger than 50GB and for now they have to stay on local storage.