Tree module folder_id option

Would it be possible to add an option which will add folder ID to the results in the tree module?
As far as I know, I can get ID only in lsjson command, but I can’t isolate directories only.


You can use the rclone lsf command to list IDs also something like this

rclone lsf --csv --format pi --dirs-only remote:path

Thank you !!!
This is exactly what I need.

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lsjson is designed more for script input whereas lsf is more human readable.

I should probably add the --dirs-only flags to lsjson too…

I’m parsing output in my python script, so adding --dirs-only to the lsjson, in any future release, would be even greater.

Thanks !!

Fancy making a new issue on github about that?

You could even help implement it?

I have created new feature request issue regarding that.
I will do all my best to help implementing.

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