--transfers vs --checker ratio

What should be the ratio between those. ( especially for Amazon Drive )
I see by default is 4 transfer and 8 checkers.

That 4 & 8 is an Ok default. You’ll have to experiment to see what suits you best. You might find you want more transfers if you tend to transfer lots of small file.

atm using --transfers=45 --checkers=50
Iam transfering video files mostly from 1.5GB to 25GB + 1 or 2 subs per video. (encfs encrypted )

Current stats, 90% transferred with rclone. (before I was using acd_cli upload / still using acd_cli for mounting drive,

Hello Ajki, everyone,

I’m using a similar setup (encrypted ACD remote) and have transferred similar-sized files with no issues using the default parameters, maxing my bandwidth here (about a dozen MB/s).

Right now, I’m having problems transferring a large directory tree of mostly small files (actually, my main system backup): I can’t seem to transfer more than about 3 files per second, even very small files (a few KBs each), and I can’t get past about 500KB/s. I’ve enlarged the number of checkers and transfers up to 128 each, but no look; some cursory analysis seems to show that Amazon is doing some kind of throttling.

Anyone else here doing anything similar, care to share your experiences?



I wouldn’t be surprised. I know that google drive limit transfers to about 2 per second.

your comment for 2-3 transfer per second is for Google drive. Do we have similar limits for GCS ( using google buckets)? Is there a way to batch transmission of small files to reduce the number of transactions?

No, since you pay for transactions, you can go as fast as you like with GCS.

There isn’t in google drive. I haven’t investigated for GCS.

Did some investigation

One could use object composition which allows 32 objects can be composed in a single composition request. This may be a valuable enhancement for small files.

Interesting, didn’t know about object composition. Will think upon that!

Thanks. I can help contributing with some help from you.

I’m not sure how you would fit batched uploads into rclone. I think the drivers would have to declare they supported batch upload and the higher levels would have to make the batches.

Yes. For example google cloud-storage should declare that they have a batch upload support. When we do the rclone config and choose a specific storage, we could ask this question to query the support for batched uploads. Regarding making the batches, we can probably have a simple approach of taking the the batch size as a config parameter. During the file upload process we keep putting thing in a bucket till we reach the batch size. Once we reach the size we upload the batch.

It seems I got it wrong. It is the other way round. It is meant for splitting large file into smaller chunks , uploading chunks in parallel and then compose at the destination (GCS).