Transfers not starting

I'm trying to sync. my mega drive content with my local server.
There is currently a huge ammount of file and directoty i want to transfer, but im getting I/O timeoouts on some files (takes ages before the timeout occours).

These timeouts affect the tranfer a lot because the keep the threads occupied.
Is there a reason why these timeout occour?
olso it seems it's always on the same files.

rclone v1.53.2

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.15.3

rclone copy mega:W /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Void/W -P --multi-thread-streams 6 --rc-server-read-timeout 10m --transfers 6

2020-11-15 17:05:45 NOTICE: locationonmegadrivehere/filename.pdf: Removing partially written file on error: read tcp> i/o timeout
2020-11-15 17:35:41 ERROR : locationonmegadrivehere/filename.pdf: Failed to copy: failed to open source object: open download file failed: Try again
Transferred: 15.357G / 35.295 GBytes, 44%, 1.962 MBytes/s, ETA 2h53m25s
Errors: 24 (retrying may help)
Checks: 14160 / 14160, 100%
Transferred: 5663 / 15677, 36%
Elapsed time: 2h17m47.0s

  • Departments/Engineerin…ev. B - 2019-10-08.pdf: 0% /1.689M, 0/s, -
  • Departments/Engineerin…- 2020-03-19 - S0 .pdf: 30% /3.297M, 0/s, 0s
  • Departments/Power and …nclining long side.BD2: 4% /21.431M, 0/s, 0s
  • Departments/Engineerin…MG_20191028_100508.jpg: 0% /1.809M, 0/s, -
  • Departments/Engineerin…r release drawings.msg: transferring
  • Departments/Engineerin…7-20 - preliminary.pdf: transferring

IO timeouts are mega just being a bad backend and you can't do much.

You may want to try to reduce you transfers to 1 or 2 and see how that goes.

Reducing the amount of transfers does not make any difference.
the strange thing is that its always the same file if i restart it.

How can i reduce the i/o timeout trigger? so it cant move quicker to a new file ?

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