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Hello to everyone,

I have a doubt!
Do I need to check hardware limits to set up --transfers and --checkers numbers?

For example: I want to set this rclone option -> --transfers 16 --checkers 32

Do I have to respect the NAS's hardware (where does the data come from), or is the hardware not influential that option --transfers --checkers?

Thanks to anyone who will be able to help me.

hello and welcome to the forum,

each NAS is different, so the best way to know is to run your commands and see what happens.
--transfers 16 --checkers 32
`--transfers 8 --checkers 8'

the more checkers you run at the same time, the more the hard drive and cpu will be stressed.
and it also depends on your internet speed and what backend remote you are using.
if you have a very slow internet, no need to do set --transfers so high.

Great, thanks.

This NAS have dual core at 1,7ghz (qnap) and 1Gb ram. The Internet connection is 70Download and 20 Upload.

Files data are 300/400Gb from local to B2Cloud.

Is correct to set - - transfers 16 and - - checkers 32?

what is your internet speed, 70/20MBs or 70/20Mbs?

really, you will need to some one-time testing to know what works best for your NAS, network, internet connection and so on

--transfers=32 --checkers=32
--transfers=16 --checkers=16
and then not using either flag, therby using defaults which are
--transfers=4 --checkers=8

you can use this flag to view the stats

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