Transfers and checkers with rclone mount?

what effect is using transfers and checkers with mount command?

for example rclone mount gdrive: /gdr --transfers=8 --checkers=8

or 1 and 1?

is it any difference?
i know that it has meaning with copy sync move, but with mount?

No difference since transfers and checkers are not being used by mount command.

so what for in rclone mount section there is written:
Options inherited from parent commands

inherited = put down some qualities…it suggests that those options are usable…
and they are not.

and also other options:
for example how is --dry-run inheritance in mount possible?

If you noticed all options are written for every command, but that does not mean it actually uses them.
Maybe at one point someone would add description what commands are supported by flag.

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Transfers and checkers I believe are used in the mount command… It will limit the number of parallel access on the fs.

I thought neither was used in a mount as it all depended on how many files are opened on the file system.

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Ok. Apparently I am wrong. :slight_smile: I just tested it. I actually wish it would honor it because i’d rather have a file call wait than have spin up many many parallel threads. It was always my understanding that it would work. :frowning:

Now im so glad I saw this thread. Thanks for that!