Transfer files from A to B using several VPS servers


Can I use several VPS servers to migrate from ACD to HubiC? My tests show that it is impossible. Because VPS2 at the start wants to send the same files as the current VPS1. Maybe bypass this project --random-files-transfer ??

You should be able to as rclone should sort it out after a bit. If you are finding you’re getting the same files transferred, you could generate a file list and then simply reverse the order on the other node. Regardless though, each rclone should find those files are there and skip them once it gets going. But if you want to segment it yourself, you could feed the list in like this:

TMPFILE=$(mktemp -u /tmp/cloudsync-synccams.XXXXXX)
find $CAMDIR
| sed ‘s~^/data/cams/~~’ \
| sort
| tee “$TMPFILE”

–low-level-retries 2
–retries 2
–files-from “$TMPFILE”
move $CAMDIR “robgs:/cams/”

On the other node, just reverse it. Or randomize them.

cat $TEMPFILE | sort -r > $TEMPFILE1