Transfer between auth-proxy specified remotes

Is it possible to do a transfer between different remotes created with --auth-proxy on 'rclone serve webdav' ? Yes I can create 1 remote, as per rclone serve webdav startup, but I can't figure out if it is possible to have multiple remotes on such a running server. Is that even possible? And how would a transfer then look like? Any help much appreciated.

The --auth-proxy enables you to choose a different remote per user login with a simple script.

So if user one logged in they might get onedrive:one and if user two logged in then they might get drive:two.

If you wanted to copy between them then you'd set up two webdav remotes one for each user and copy between them.

Does that help?

If I setup two webdav remotes that way I would have two 'rclone serve webdav' servers each on a different port. Is that correct?
So how would an 'rclone rc operations/copyfile' operation between them look like then? What --rc-addr would I use? Each rclone server would only know about 1 remote.

No you can run them both from the same webdav server - you just switch the backend out in the auth-proxy

First, thanks for your fast replies!

How do I do that? Actually I guess I'm having trouble understanding how to apply this to my use case so allow me to explain:
Consider 2 sites, s1 and s2 (in reality there are many), each with a file storage system and I want to transfer (webdav) a file between 2 users on them.
Now I can do the following:

  1. have both sites specified as remotes (each with user) in the rclone config

  2. start an rclone server referring to the config:
    rclone rcd --config config.conf --rc-serve

  3. do the transfer:
    rclone rc operations/copyfile srcFs=s1: srcRemote=/webdav/home/file.txt destFs=s2: destRemote=/webdav/home/file.txt

Works just fine.

But now I want to switch users (per transfer) without need to 'rewrite' the config for each transfer or, worse, have to have remotes defined for each user. I actually would like to have remotes/users only exist per transfer.

So how does auth-proxy and rclone serve webdav help in this scenario?

I see!

Hmm, there isn't an easy way to do this at the moment unfortunately without defining a new remote.

However you can define a temporary remote via the API very easily and then remove it again afterwards.

See and

Yes I was already considering doing that, that would probably work for us.

Would being able to pass the full remotes' definitions (like in config/create) with operations/copyfile instead of only the refs pass as a legit feature request? I would then assume these remotes to exist only for the duration of the job.
Something like:
rclone rc operations/copyfile --json '{"srcRemoteConfig": {"name":"site1", "type":"webdav","parameters":{"vendor":"owncloud", "url": "","user":"jim","pass":"secret"}, "srcFs":"/folder", "destRemoteConfig": { ... site2 }, "destFs": "/folder"}

That would be really cool.

I was thinking of extending the remote syntax for this so you could use


Not sure how I'd deal with embedded , or : though

That makes perfect sense!

So can you do this?

Not yet... I have it on my todo list though!

That is great!
And is that long term, or upcoming release?

It isn't planned for the next release.

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