Transfer 10x the size of the files synced

I’m not sure if I’ve configured something incorrectly but when running a sync command the size of the transfer seems excessively large.

I ran the following command:

rclone sync -v --transfers=32 --log-file=/var/log/backblaze-home.log /home/ backblaze:Fasthosts-HOST2/home/

There were about 6000 files that were either new or changed in a directory containing 109MB of files.

Here’s the final summary of the sync:

Transferred: 1.127 GBytes (333.209 kBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 839427
Transferred: 6201
Elapsed time: 59m7.9s

Given that there could have only been a maximum of 109MB of files to transfer, why did the actual transfer total 1.127GB?

I can supply the full log if needed.


That does seem strange. Can you send the log? You can send it to if you don’t want to post it publically - please put a link to this issue in the message otherwise it will get lost in the maelstrom of chaos that is my INBOX!

Hey - thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

I’ll email you the log now.

Thank you again.

I’ve had a look at that.

No files were uploaded many times which is good.

What it look like is that it decided to re-upload all your files.

Have the timestamps changed on them? If the timestamps change regularly then you’ll want to use the --checksum flag.

What OS are you running? Could this be related to Daylight Savings time change I wonder?

I’m running Centos 6.7.

Don’t think daylight savings would be in effect here? I only installed Rclone 3 days ago.

I’ll try the checksum flag :slight_smile:

Unlikely indeed.

How did you upload the original files - with rclone? Or a different tool?

I used Rclone sync to upload the original files

I think the modtimes must have changed then between runs - that would be my guess. Does some process write those files regularly?

No. The 6200 odd files were updated during an update of Wordpress on one website.

If you run with -vv rclone will tell you exactly why it uploads something

Ah OK - I’ll do that

Thank you!