Tpslimits, transactions and queries for google drive

Could someone possibly help me understand and learn more about rclone, specifically around tpslimits and transactions.

The link above mentions the following:

Rclone currently uses a minimum pacer time for the google drive backend of 10mS which equates to 100 transactions per second.

However the maximum allowed quota per user is 1000 transactions in 100 seconds.

The last line is what I was curious about, should that be mentioned in my account somewhere? I've looked and only been able to find what's mentioned in the picture below. It mentions queries, is one query one transaction? As far as I know I don't have a higher limit, I've not asked for one. How does 20,000 queries related to the number of transactions, what would the max tpslimit be? or how many transactions is 20,000 queries.


Also what happens for example when checkers and/or transfers is greater than the --tpslimit value?

Google drive returns 423 errors and tells rclone to slow down if it is going too fast, and in general this works very well as a speed control mechanism.

A query is the same thing as a transaction so your 20,000 queries per 100 seconds per user equates to 200 transactions per second.

In my experience drive just doesn't go that fast though!

Ah I see thank you I wasn't aware of that! I thought a transaction and a query was different, not a different name for the same thing!

@ncw Yes I have found the same, it would be helpful if Google was to accurately tell us just what we get rather than giving us numbers which aren't factual.

I do however have an additional question.

Say for example I have --transfers set to 7 do I also need to have --tpslimit set to 7 as well?

What would happen if --transfers is set to 7, and --tpslimit is set to say 3 for example?

Will 7 files be uploaded/downloaded in parallel or will it be limited to 3 because of the --tpslimit value?

--tpslimit is more or less independent from transfers as each transfer only takes one (or a small number) of transactions but lasts a long time.

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