Tpslimit + drive-pacer-min-sleep

If I set my min sleep to 0, and use tpslimit what will happen?

Trying to improve performance here, while still having a upper limit of requests per 100 seconds.

Is there even a reason to have a min sleep of not 0s if you are not bound by 100sec/requests limits ?

In theory if you set it to 0ms, you are not going to do more requests because of that, so the total amount of requests stay the same right ?

Using min-sleep and tpslimit together will do the right thing - namely wait for the longer of the two.

You'll get exactly the tpslimit settings.

The total number of requests will stay the same. If you start requesting things too quickly though, you'll get 423 messages and told to back off.

What do you think you'll have the best performance a 0ms sleep with a tpslimit value, or no tpslimit and a 10ms sleep?

I think they would be pretty similar... Maybe the 0ms sleep with tpslimit very slightly.

The tpslimit is probably more accurate than the sleep, but I don't think there would be a lot in it.

You'll have to experiment!

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