Touchscreen UI for Embedded Device running rclone


Is anyone able to help me with either locating a programmer to assist me with my use case, or outlining how the below can be done?

I require a small SBC (Raspberry Pi or similar) to run rclone and have commands controlled by a small touchscreen interface. Primarily just copying and verifying copied files from a removeable storage device to a fixed local drive. My reason for starting with rclone is that I want to be able to utilise it's cloud backup features for back up when connected to wifi (maybe later down the track).

Thanks in advance for any responses.

There are probably a thousand ways it could be done but one option (and likely not the best option) is to write a small Python app that uses Flask (or Bottle) to serve a super basic HTML GUI and then you can do some minimal scripting to make the rclone calls. Or Remi