Total noob windows

First time trying to use this. I am on windows 10, downloaded the file but have no idea how to even run this to get into config. Been searching the web and cant find anything relevant to begin using it. How do I run this?

Everywhere on the web says rclone is amazing…help me enjoy this!


You have to unzip the file, then open a cmd window. You run rclone from the cmd window.

cmd> c:\path\to\rclone.exe help

Hopefully that is enough info for you to get going…

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like ncw indicated above it’s pretty straight forward. I just started using it myself

I created a “rclone” folder in my C: and extracted rclone there.
Next I add rclone to my System Path to make it easy to run form anywhere without having to know/type the full path to the executable app. A good tutorial here just substitute rclone for adb:

See here for setting up your remotes:
You can learn all the commands needed to run rclone here:

Good luck.

Thank you! System path will make it much easier.

Thanks for the help! With a lil tinkering I am now basking in the glory of rclone! This is much faster than using google drives options.

I added google drive and ACD as remotes. Am I able to transfer between them with rclone?

Someone can correct me if I’m off but from my reading the way this is handled is by rclone downloading/caching the files to your PC then re-uploading to the new remote. This is all done in cache though so it doesn’t take space on your PC. ACD ----> PC Cache ------> Gdrive. It’ll only go as fast as your connection can go.

It’ll be practically the same if you want to encrypt data that is already on a remote.
ACD un-encrypted -----> PC Cache ----> ACD encrypted.

You could rent a VPS for a day/month, use their servers as the cache point and benefit from faster connection speed for download/upload from remote to remote. I’ve seen the name Scaleway used for this purpose but I haven’t used them. Think the way it works is you install rclone on their server, recreate or copy over your config file and run the commands via remote terminal session or something like that. See r/datahoarder over on reddit for more info.

Yeah rclone is pretty great. I’ve sent everything to ACD then used NetDrive to mount ACD as a network drive. The only downside is NetDrive won’t let you use any files you encrypted with rclone. We will have to wait for a viable Windows option for rclone with FUSE.

Thanks! I have a vps and a ded that I can utilize for this purpose so I will be digging into those options.

I am unable to locate my .rclone.conf file. Per the config it tells me where it supposed to be, I have show hidden files enabled but it is not there. I have also used search and not found anything. Any ideas why I am not able to see it?

Hmm not sure. When I go rclone -h and scroll down to --config string it tells me exactly where mine is.

--config string Config file. (default "C:\Users\newwie/.rclone.conf")

It tells me its there but I can not locate it there in explorer

yes, if you use rclone -h the find the --config listing. It will tell you where it is stored. It should be there. Remember it is a .file so maybe you hid it?

I have file explorer set to show hidden items. I am looking where it says it should be located in the --config listing but nothing is there.

@ncw maybe you can help solve this

Sorry, not a Windows expert! You should be able to find it in the place as shown by rclone -h. rclone doesn’t hide the file or anything like that.

That’s just weird. If you run rclone config do you see the remotes you created?

Maybe try looking in one of the other user folders C:\Users\

If you see the remotes you configured then the config file has to be in there somewhere. Maybe try a different app like XYPlorer or Total Commander.

I will try those other programs. I can see the remotes and i created another config on my ded with the same settings so i have the copy downloaded from there as a backup.