[Total newbie] Question about rclone cloud to cloud copy speeds

I have been using Rclone for 24 hours and find it extremely interesting and great. I have found answers to some om my questions, but not to this one.

I have a Premiumize, a Dropbox and Gdrive and I have configured all 3 on my windows 10 PC using the rclone v1.52.2 web gui configuration (The easy way, but great for non advanced users!) and mounted all 3 using kapitainsky/RcloneBrowser. Everything is working fine except:

I tried to copy a file from Premiumize cloud to my Dropbox account. The copy speed was extremely slow! Annotation 2020-07-02 023037

I wanted to ask, if this is normal or there is a problem on my side?
My other question is: Dose the cloud to cloud copy speed depends on my own internet speed?
And my last question: Imagine I copy 500MB from one cloud to another. How much bandwidth is used
on my side? (On the pc with rclone, used to do the operation).

Thanks in advance for your help :smile:

Edit: I just realized that a file that I copied to Gdrive from Premiumize is also stored on my PC!
C:\Users\My username\AppData\Local\rclone\vfs
Also I played a file with VLC from My Premiumize account and that file is also located on my PC!
Is rclone downloading everything to my pc first!?

hello and welcome to the forum,

yes, if you are copying between two different cloud providers.


why are using mounts to copy files instead of rclone copy
rclone copy gdrive: dropbox:

rclone can stream a video without downloading the entire file
but you need to post your rclone mount command to see what you are doing?

Thank you very much for your reply. As I explained earlier I am using the gui based rclone and have not done any configuration manually. I have only used the default options in the web gui and RcloneBrowser.
To mount my drives I use RcloneBrowser and here is a screenshot of the mount tab. Everything is automatically done by it:

It is possible to add extra options, but I have no idea what to put here so I left it blanc:

Considering that I use the gui based rclone, what are best settings to be abl to copy files from one cloud (Mostly Premiumize) to another without downloading to PC and get highest speed?

based on rclonebrowser defaults, such as
which is not needed to stream video using vlc.

the mount i use to stream media is
rclone mount remote: z: --read-only which will not download media files, instead will just stream them on demand.

another option is to use rclone as dlna server
rclone serve remote: --read-only
then vlc and most any media player on your lan will see that dlna server.

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Thank you so much for responding. I know that the use of rcolne is mostly reserved for more advanced users and by helping with the use of the gui version, you allow it to be used by wider range of people.

Your comments about the mount options made me read a little more about them and it seems that using a string like " --vfs-cache-mode off" or " --vfs-cache-mode minimal" fixes the problem for me. Now while I can stream and watch a file in VLC I don't have anything downloaded to my PC.

I don't understand your "rclone mount remote: z: --read-only" option correctly! doesn't it simply make the drive on the cloud read only!? Dose this somehow prevents downloading to PC?

And the most important issue for me is to find a way to copy files from one cloud to another in the fastest possible way. Dose Gdrive and Dropbox support direct cloud to cloud copy or files need to get downloaded to my PC first before getting on their cloud?



no. but there is no need to download files to pc if you use rclone copy source: dest:
rclone, for each file in the source, will download a chunk at at time from the source, then upload that chunk to the dest. rclone will repeat this for each and every file.
no hard drive space is needed.

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ah then THIS is what I was not understanding. There is no way that a file will go from one cloud to another! If I want to copy a 10MB file from Dropbox to Gdrive with rclone in the end I will have 10MB download to PC (in chunks but still 10 MB) and I will upload 10 MB from MY PC to the destination cloud and the bandwidth usage is on me. I hope I understood correctly!? :slight_smile:

well, we are working on a new flag called --magic :upside_down_face:

but seriously, there is a way around that.
it is called a seedbox, which is what i use.
a seedbox is a server in the cloud, that could transfers files from cloud to cloud, not limited by the speed for your internet connection.
the seedbox i use, supports rclone, rclone browser, can act as a plex server and a whole lot more

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I am very thankful to you for taking the time and explaining these basics to me. Now I know enough to start searching and learning on my side without being totally in the dark. You were warned anyway that I was a newbie and totally ignorant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have a 1Gb/s fiber connection at home in France, so I should be ok to copy some files, but now I am away for work and here my internet speed is limited to 16mb/s with a 2mb/s upload and I pay for every MB used! So I was pulling my hair and freaking out from the bandwidth usage by rclone :grimacing:

i too have 1Gbps fiber connection, life is good.

well, you should have a home computer/server that you can remote into.
then run rclone on that

but a seedbox would help solve your current problem.

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