Torrent traffic slows when running rclone move

I’m having a weird issue where when I start ‘rclone move’ all my current torrents that are downloading slow down to 1kb/sec (my normal torrent traffic for downloading is around 20-30mb/sec). I’m on a 1gig up/down network. I use Deluge web, but I also tested downloading with Transmission, and it also slowed down when running ‘rclone move’. I then tested downloading a 1gb+ file from the web via Firefox, and that did fine at expected speeds. Any idea what could be causing the torrent traffic slow down?

Here’s the complete rclone move line I’m running:
rclone move --exclude partial~ --transfers 10 --acd-upload-wait-per-gb=10s $LOCALTV $REMOTETV

Ubuntu 16.04
Rclone version: 1.35-99

More background info: I’m running my torrent traffic through split tunneling. I used this guide for that:

rclone uses lots of bandwidth when you are moving the files to the remote.

It is probably that which affects the torrent traffic.

You can try using --bwlimit to limit the speed of rclone’s upload.

@minkus install vnstat ( sudo apt install vnstat )
and check your overall bandwith with vnstat -l

Thanks for the suggestion @Ajki

I ran vnstat -l for about 25 minutes while running my rclone move command. Here are the results:

    enp1s0f0  /  traffic statistics

   rx         |       tx
  bytes                   249.56 MiB  |       20.36 GiB
  max            3.37 Mbit/s  |   239.32 Mbit/s
  average            1.35 Mbit/s  |   112.60 Mbit/s
  min               6 kbit/s  |        2 kbit/s
  packets                    4046463  |        14506342
  max               6735 p/s  |       20618 p/s
  average               2667 p/s  |        9562 p/s
  min                 11 p/s  |           4 p/s
  time                 25.28 minutes

I’m on a 1gig up/down connection, so it doesn’t look like my network connection is fully saturated. I believe this can be more on ACD’s side. Still doesn’t explain why my torrent traffic would be so bottlenecked.

What modem/router are you using? A cheaper router or ISP provided router might be having trouble actually routing at the full speed of your internet, especially if you are using more advanced features. I have had a similar issue with torrent traffic specifically where the router provided by my ISP could not handle the large number of concurrent streams.