Tips for reducing rclone-related router crashes?

NCW has mentioned in a few places receiving reports of routers which crash with rclone. Personally, I’ve noticed in two different EE-connected homes that the first generation EE Brightbox 1 router consistently crashes when uploading large files using rclone. That particular model’s firmware is so hopeless that it generally requires a manual restart when it crashes with rclone.

In an ideal world, every location would have a decent router. But in the real world, we may sometimes want to use rclone via a router model which cannot cope.

Does anyone have any advice about settings (either on rclone or on the router/firewall) which may help ease the pressure?

–bwlimit [not sure this has an effect on crash frequency]

I think you just need better router. most of the time it is crashing because it is not good at handling the load of the requests its given.

4 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. I think its time for a upgrade in router :wink:

one thing you might try is see if you can load better FW on your router
ddwrt or some of the other ones out there also might work.

Like I said in my question, sometimes we all find ourselves connecting via a low-quality router with no option to change it or upgrade the firmware. I’m looking for advice on making the best of a bad router.

rebooting the router might help. other than that not sure any setting rclone or anything else can be done. the best i can see is having rclone test connection every packet then have it wait for a connection before sending packets.
but that could be a lot of overhead stuff.

rclone isn’t doing anything special. lower bandwidth and lower checkers as you said may help… but… here’s an analogy.

My car stalls a lot. I can’t fix it and I can’t replace it. How do I stop it from stalling?