Tiny error in docs


a Redditor was lost at the setup of a Proton Drive remote, I guess at least partially bc the strings for the Storage to select are wrong.
I guess it should not read

XX / Proton Drive
   \ "Proton Drive"

but reflect the actual display (of rclone 1.65 and 1.66)

XX / Proton Drive
   \ protondrive


It might also help to replace the actual programs output Choose a number from below by an (out of programs context) easier understandable phrase like Choose the number in front of your provider bc. the instruction page displays XX instead of (todays) "39" for Proton drive.

Furthermore IMO the programs output is wrong as it encases acceptable strings for Storage selection in parentheses but the software requires the string w/o parantheses ("protondrive" vs. "(protondrive)" - pls tell me when I shall open a separate topic for this).

Feel free to submit a PR for those changes :slight_smile:

I'm sorry but that's not a helpful reply.
If that's your approach I just spare the time to report next time.

Huh? How is that not helpful? I'm confused as if you want to help us out, I'm asking you since you seem to have a good grasp on the information you are presenting to chip as it's an open source project and you can help out by fixing the issue you are reporting by submitting a PR to help fix it.

My approach is to ask folks to help contribute as that's a good thing. I'm unsure why you are being so negative to my ask here.

rclone/docs/content/protondrive.md at master · rclone/rclone (github.com)

You can click on the pencil and go to town.

The more people that can help out and chip in for an open source project is a great thing and my thought is I can help you fish.

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1st of I only know PR as Public Relations and Press Release but am unsure if Reuters and AP are enough or if I need to include AFP, DPA and Xinhua and if including Interfax puts rclone on the US and EU sanctions list.

Also your link doesn't allow me to edit:

These config example sections are copied around in all backends, and its a manual task to keep them up to date - which means many of them may be more or less out of sync with latest version. I think this also is the reasoning behind using XX by the way, because if using actual number it would quickly be confusing when this number in docs gets out of sync with real application.

Yes you can not change rclone repo directly.

click at Fork this repository. It will create copy (fork) where you can edit things and then send PR (pull request in github lingo) with proposed changes. It will end up here - Pull requests · rclone/rclone · GitHub - waiting for approval to be merged.

You won't break anything - simply try. Worst case you try again.

Fixing documentation typos and errors is never ending task. Only if people do it things can progress.

You can use a product like Lexis Nexis for your compliance / regulatory needs. They do OFAC screening. How does a press release end up on a sanction list though? Trying to connet the PR bit to sanctions and I'm not seeing it.