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I recently transferred a folder containing photos and videos of around 10GB from Google Drive to Mega Drive using rclone. However, I noticed that the transferred images and videos in Mega Cloud do not show any thumbnails, while Google Drive clearly displays thumbnails of the media. It's not ideal for viewing media without having to open each file individually. It would be very helpful to have thumbnails for easier navigation and browsing through my media collection.

I would appreciate any help or advice on how to resolve this issue. I have already searched for solutions online but have been unable to find any helpful information.
Command i used for transferring : rclone copy gdrive:folder1 mega:folder2 -P
rclone version: v1.62.2 stable
OS : windows 11 Home (64bit) 21H2 22000.1696

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone simply copies the file for you.

as for thumbnails, that is up to mega.
PLEASE NOTE: uploading images using a third-party tool (MultCloud, etc.), not only compromises your account security but it is also the reason why the thumbnails are not generated automatically. In order to generate thumbnails for these files, you will need to re-upload them via our official clients.

use rclone mount

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