Thoughts on my soon to be implemented media server setup?

Configured an encrypted google team drive, going to use with jellyfin, radarr, sonarr, bazarr, etc.
Using the mount command: "rclone.exe mount D3_Crypt: X: --vfs-cache-mode=full --vfs--cache-dir D:\cache -–vfs-read-chunk-size 128M –-vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 2G -vv -–attr-timeout=10s –-dir-cache-time 48h -–buffer-size 64M –-fast-list"
My cache drive is currently my D: but as my media server atm is running off E:, im planning to turn that into cache (it has 1tb capacity), how can I optimize my command for mount speed & cache and things like that? And are there any limits I should configure the media server for, I heard that library scans can go through your "daily download limit" / api thing (no idea what this is, can anyone clarify?), and optimize the server for not doing too many uploads?
Basically how can I optimize the rclone config, the mount command, the caching for up to a TB of cached data, (didnt mention this before) low RAM usage, and traffic to deal with upload/download limits before I start using this config?

You don't need cache. But if you really want use it, I'd wait till the vfs cache is out.

In my prior testing with mount, vfs cache writes improved performance greatly (20mbps -> 80 upload), what do you mean "till the vfs cache is out"?

Usually when people say cache the mean the cache backend per the link above. Vfs cache is fine but in it's current state it serves a different purpose. There's work being done to bring the cache backend function into vfs which is in the other link I sent above.

Alright, so any ideas on things I should add/remove to make better performance, ram optimisation, any other things I mentioned before switching my server over to this setup?
Edit: also any google drive specific rclone settings I should know about? or jellyfin specefic etc.

--vfs-cache-mode=full means that each file has to be downloaded before streaming.
i do find that when uploading to the mount, --vfs-cache-mode=writes is helpful.
i have read that –-fast-list does not work on a mount.

i run multiple mounts on multipe computers every day.

for streaming video, including 4k, i use something like
rclone.exe mount remote: x: –-dir-cache-time=48h --read-only --rc
i mount as read only as i do not want jellyfin creatings thumbnails and what not.

and when i want to do a manual scan i use
rclone.exe rc vfs/refresh recursive=true --fast-list -v

to upload media files, i use rclone copy or rclone browser.
or i have a second mount
rclone.exe mount remote: y: –-dir-cache-time=48h --vfs-cache-mode=writes

Alright, will definetly switch to --vfs-cache-mode=writes , will test whether I need --fast-list or not, why is jellyfin creating thumbnails an issue and what kind of data is "what not"

the media servers does not understand that the drive letter does not point to fast local storage.
some media servers will save thumbmails, album images and what not on the drive
so i always use a read-only mount when streaming.

also, you might want to exclude your anti-virus from scanning the drive.

Fast list does nothing on a mount.

Alright, I guess I'll look into thumbnails on a different drive or something, read somewhere fast list did stuff on a mount so I put it in

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