Thinking of migrating from Google Drive to DropBox and curious about pain points

Hi folks,

I'm considering moving about 100TB of content from Google over to DropBox via rclone and I'm just wondering what pain points and issues I might expect and just generally whether it's a good idea? :smiley:

With the hike in prices at Google, three dropbox Pro accounts is far more cost effective than five Google ones


I moved a bit back and really no major differences minus I don't hit download/upload quotas.

I could move around 7-10TB per day so that was my only pain point minus renting a Google Compute node and since they charge for egress, almost broke the bank there but they refunded me since I stopped it quick enough..

Thanks mate, so I'm curious about this Google compute node? Was this to get around the daily transfer limits? At the moment I'm looking at months to get this all done and during that time I'll be paying for both subscriptions

It's pretty fast to move stuff using it but the egress cost makes it' not usable.

You can use something like:

BlackHOST - The Web is what we make of it!

I used that move my stuff and just let it run. Doesn't quite get gigabit when I used it, but for the price, it was well worth it.

Out of topic but, when did you create your account? I assume they are enforcing their 5tb limit or you are doing it before it happens and that's the reason you want to migrate

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