THE Speed 0_0 SO FAST


I’m not sure how you’re not getting banned with a 60TB library. You’re using Plex with regular Library scans/updates?

How long have you been running like this?

Honestly I don’t know, I’m using Plex Cloud with Google for almost 2 months now and at beginning I had ocamlfuse on my local Plex and then I moved to use nodefuse and now rclone and I never get ban so far :slight_smile:

And I’m adding stuff to it in daily basic so I can the library very often.

How long have you been using just rclone?

node-gdrive-fuse will not get you banned
Plex Cloud will not get you banned

It’s because all of us have gotten banned mounting gdrive directly, so we’re all very curious.

Not sure about node-gdrive-fuse.

But Plex Cloud was get you ban too, until they fix that problem with changing the way Plex was scanning on the Plex Cloud, so most of the user wasn’t getting banned (which mine was never got banned)

And as for rclone, I’ve been using it maybe around a week now.

I add mostly 10-20 items per day to the drive and then I refresh the library.


More questions… lol

So with just rclone, no bans.

  1. You do a regular library refresh from the web interface (“Update Library”)?
  2. In your Server Settings -> Scheduled tasks, what do you have enabled there (can you post a screenshot)?
  3. In you server settings -> Library, what do you have enabled there (can you post a screenshot)?

That’s ok, as long as I can help you, I will answer them :slight_smile:

  1. Yes
  2. and 3. in this link, I couldn’t attach here, didn’t work.

Also out of curiosity, what is your setting in the Plex Agent for each movie and tv shows? (if you can send me a picture of that)

Well, I have no idea how you’re doing it.

Just tried mounting with those same exact parameters and triggered a library update and was banned within 15 minutes.

Are you sure you have 60TB or 6TB?

  1. Why would I lie to you ?

  2. And you didn’t send pictures of your Plex Agents Setting. :frowning:

I won’t recommend emptying trashcan automatically after every scan if you also got periodically detection. If your mount should drop, it will erase all your previously scanned media… Just my opinion! :slight_smile:

Any threads I should hang out on to stay in the loop on this?

I can’t wait to see that either :slight_smile:

Apologies for the thread necro but I just had to share. I’m using google cloud compute to transfer from gdrive:non-crypt to gdrive:crypt (two separate accounts) and I’m getting blisteringly fast speeds:

Transferred: 14604.841 GBytes (372.564 MBytes/s)
Errors: 3
Checks: 24932
Transferred: 12466
Elapsed time: 10h9m1.6s

Machine type: n1-standard-4 (4 vCPUs, 15 GB memory)

This is simply amazing!

how much per month it cost?


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Yip. That’s correct.

too much for me…
i am still using scaleway

Well, it’s free for now. I’m using the trial and you get $300 to use for free for a year.

EDIT: And since I’m going to be using this machine for 2-3 days, it shouldn’t cost me much :slight_smile:

@KaMoS - Be careful as if you sync GD to ACD, you are going to get a big surprise bill.

Yep, I second @Animosity022 I used 1 trial to copy from 1 acd account to another and didn’t factor in bandwidth. I burnt through my $300 trial in less the a day. oops.
Thing is the costs don’t show up until like 24 hours afterwards. So for a while I could not work out what had happened.


I’m doing gdrive to gdrive, only used $5 after a day.

what type of gd account you are using, university? suite?