The script your guys are using to make speedtest to mount?

Hi guys

Ive been reading the forums, and see that people are doing speedtest with a 100M file .
Which script are you using? Share the link and maybe a howto? :slight_smile:

Want to test the mergerfs



Nick can you assist with this error?

Getting this error:
SEEKSPEED /home/plex/mnt/100M.file


./seekspeed.go:30: undefined: io.SeekStart
Finished in 0m:0s
FileSize 100M

Using :


What OS are you using? Did you install go?

Ay Ani

Ubuntu 16.04

Install golang as well - but getting error on the thingy from script

Can you share what you installed for go and how you did it?

sudo apt-get install golang

What does go version show?

[felix@gemini scripts]$ go version
go version go1.12.7 linux/amd64

go version go1.6.2 linux/amd64

That's an ancient version. I'd remove that and install something current.

Gonna test it tonight - cheers :slight_smile:

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