The 'rclone rcat' reliability for the uploading files to S3

The rclone documentation states: " Note that the upload can also not be retried because the data is not kept around until the upload succeeds. If you need to transfer a lot of data, you're better off caching locally and then rclone move it to the destination."
Is it correct for the S3 remotes?
As far as I understand, the data is uploaded by chanks. So, theoretically, it is possible to try to retransmit the failed chank.
Thank you

Yes rclone will retransmit failed chunks on S3 (and on all backends which use multipart upload) so there is much less chance of a network error killing the process.

It should maybe say this in the docs...

Thank you very much, Nick!

I put a note to that effect in the docs for v1.63 :slight_smile:

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