The handling of timestamp metadata between Google Drive &

Like many of us, I now must look for an alternative to my unlimited Google Drive. I've understood that gDrive only really keeps modified date so proper timestamps (ex: created, modified, last access) from local do not transfer with the data.

I'm curious how Mega handles timestamp metadata when files are uploaded from local in addition to when one does a 'direct' transfer between gDrive --> Mega. Direct means running rclone on a VPS for maximum speed. I'm struggling to find reliable information before I bite the bullet with!

Check out the documentation:

Thank you so much, I don't know how I missed that!

Mega does not support modification times or hashes yet.

How does Mega handle timestamps then? Will the answer be the same if using rClone to upload from local?

Upon reading the complete manpage, it appears that rClone is struggling to work with the Mega system; especially after reading, There doesn't appear to be any documentation for the mega protocol beyond.... Does this imply that Mega doesn't nicely, or atleast not as nicely as gDrive, integrate with rClone?

Is Mega pushing customer to utilise their CLI?

Context: I'm very pedantic about preserving local timestamps. A cloud storage provider that preserves such metadata would swoon me!

With rclone it doesn't as it's not supported so there is no handling.

Google has a public documented API.

Mega does not.

With rclone it doesn't as it's not supported so there is no handling.
rClone doesn't support timestamps any cloud storage or the rClone implementation of Mega (ie. utilising their SDK) does not?

Thanks for these clarifications.

Timestamps on mega are the time the object was uploaded. Rclone can't set them.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm not trying to change timestamps.

Rather, looking to understand how it managing the existing timestamps once upload to their storage platform.

I understand that different cloud storage providers preserve/omit certain timestamp data.

Mega doesn't as it's only when it's uploaded.

Each provider is perhaps a bit unique.

Check the cloud overview.

And look at the modtime column.

The linked table shows shows a dash/nill for Mega, and gDrive for that matter.
So from what I'm understanding, every new file uploaded to Mega - whether via rclone or their apps - has its timestamp metadata (created and modified dates) set as the time of upload, not what it is in the local storage (where it came from)?

To clarify, I'm not intending to modify timestamps of files. Rather, I desire to preserve all dates the file has in its local location.

That is correct.

I'm afraid Mega can't do that. Google Drive can though.

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