The Following Link Can't Be Reached

Hi, I want to ask about the following link that rclone gave didn't work (can't be reached)

I was first time using rclone and config the new remote until they gave the following link. When I opened the link, it said the site can't be reached.

Can you please help me to find the solution for that case? I read old forum and try to reinstall rclone, but still didn't work. Thank you

Nobody can guess what your are doing. Please provide all details and somebody will try to help.


I installed rclone in my linux server and run rclone config. All the steps were successful until this step

The browser doesn't open automatically, so I paste the following link in the browser, but the site can't be reached

Any suggestion on what should I do?

Where is your browser? On your server?

No, its not on my server

Ok. It has to be:) For remote setup you have to use slightly different way:

Thank you, I'll try

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