Thanks to the Rclone Dev

Mr. Nick Craig Wood,

Good Day,

The following is to let you know that I have been using Rclone for at as much as 2 weeks and i find it to be the best software for the cloud, Im impressed by it and it uselfuness.

I wanna let you know Mr. Nick Craig that your software in my opinion should belong among the greatest hits along side "DOOM" created by John Romero as well as "GEARS OF WAR 3 " created by Cliff Bleszinski, its just out of this world and it has a simplicity by itself beyond any software Ive seen, truly Rclone its "software as an artform" .

Count by me to be a fan of your work, Ill donate to you soon enough as a Big Thank you for your idea and your efforts towards this software.

Awesome work.

Thank you

Daniel Zúñiga


:slight_smile: Thank you for the fan mail - much appreciated!


Hear! Hear!

I happily join in this thank you!


Also, I am joining this thank you to @ncw and the rest of the developers.


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