Thanks and... NihaoCloud

Hi All,
Just discovered this wonder!
Thanks to the developers and supporting community.

I am yet astonished for the amount of cloud storage supported. Nevertheless, we always need more :wink: (before IBB Cloud) is a precious service that allows to exchange information in/out of China, so that expats and families can share information without the need of VPNs. While storage is not big (free 2GB), the service is essential.

Would it be possible to get rclone working with NihaoCloud?


I couldn’t find any API docs for Nihao but I did find out that it is using Seafile and seafile does have a WebDAV extension so it may work already…

Thanks @ncw
For this answer and for giving us RClone.
I feel myself as a replicant as I am talking to the creator…

Will try and provide feedback!

No luck.
True they use SeaFile but seems not WebDav in place.
Test shows a no ok , asking for a CSRF cookie besides.

There is an issue for seafile support

I haven’t had time to work on it alas… Do you want to have a go?

Would be interesting but I really can live without it.