Thank you for your hard work rclone developers!

I must say, thank you very much for your hard work!!
@ncw @remus.bunduc and all devs contributing to rclone, i owe you more than just couple of beers!

If anyone reading this and have some/all of the issues i had below, then try the latest beta v1.39-275-g1afac32dβ.

Rclone + cache + plex works awesomely fast and perfect!
Now plex scans so fast that i dont recognize the difference between scanning local movies or movies in GDrive. Same with smaller files such as mp3, just tweak around the rclone options.
Plex media scanning of around 6000 movies on gdrive and local (total around 12tb) finished in less than 1 hour!!
No more buffering, no more missing files, playback error and plex feels much faster.
I wait in general probably just few seconds until movies or tv shows play in plex using rclone cache mount. And i tested this even with big files such 30GB movie remux.
Plex analysis obviously is limited to internet download speed but rclone could max internet speed so it's MUCH faster and didn't get stalled.
Plex media analysis of a 25gb remux file in gdrive cache now works so much faster on this beta.
All of this improvements without bogging down my minimalist server, 10watt intel cpu with only around 2000 passmark, 4gb RAM and old 7200rpm disks.

Fwiw i have disabled plex integration in rclone config, i have around 12TB local and a lot more in gdrive in total around 45,000 files or movies, tv shows and music.

I had below issues in the past days /weeks/months which is resolved in this beta:

  • cache info age didnt work. Rclone didnt try to invalidate cache past its configured value. There was something wrong with cache that produced error logs in plex and rclone

  • gdrive api polling didnt work

  • plex initial scanning would never finish. Stalled waiting for rclone to download next chunks. I had to restart rclone service to get it moving

  • plex regular scanning and media analysis would either very slow or just stalled.

  • rclone cache caused panic error.

  • rclone cache speed is 20%-30% slower than without using cache

  • plex randomly couldn't play recently uploaded movies due to its not being available in rclone cache. Or just general random plex playback error because rclone cache mount didnt start downloading chunks. But once a playback start i didnt have any problem.

Again thank you so much! I love you :smile:


Thank you :smiley:

All those good things are being released into v1.40 which should be out in an hour or two!

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I am curious to know the details of your current rclon mount command line. Could you tell us more ?
Do you use crypt ?