Termux package of rclone not yet updated

For some reason , the termux package of rclone is not yet updated to version 1.52.0

Does it take some time to get updated ?

https://beta.rclone.org/test/testbuilds-latest/rclone-android-16-arm.gz is also still 1.51. probably will update tomorrow or when --magic fixes it.

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with termux, i had no luck,

edit: note that, at this time, --magic is not a real flag.
the command should be pkg install rclone

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I've updated the package to 1.52.0. It will pull automatically with pkg upgrade.


yeah, that works!
no --magic needed

rclone version

rclone v1.52.0

  • os/arch: android/arm
  • go version: go1.14.3

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