Telegram unlimited cloud storage and rclone

As we know Telegram offers unlimited cloud storage. I've seen some projects on github making use of their space in some ways, mounting etc.
Also found which is open source.

I'm wondering if Telegram can be combined with rclone somehow. Maybe some missing API functions could be worked around to make Telegram remote possible.

There is a file size limit FYI Profile Videos, 2 GB File Sharing, Group Stats, Improved People Nearby and More

Do you use telegram?
And yes there is limitations per file like many other cloud storage supported by rclone like 1flicher but there are no limitations so you can upload file as much as you want for free. A solution can be to split files which are more than 2gb. We can first use script to split file which are more than 2gb then upload 100gb or 1tb in telegram no issue. You can even have backup of your whole pc

Is there a public API for the cloud storage?

If so then open a new issue on Github with a link to the API and we can gauge interest there.

Yes heavy telegram user, but I do not and would not use it for a cloud backup solution

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