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I have been wondering about a real-time support platform for Rclone where people can ask or chat about rclone stuff without the hassle of creating a new topic in the community.

I am all good with the forum, but a more straightforward chat would be friendly to air quick queries, whereas all the higher levels bugs that need logs and commands can still go in here (forum). I have seen the Slack invite thread, but the inviting bot is dead. If the slack community is still alive, kindly share an invite.

Coming to the point, a telegram support chat for Rclone would be excellent and if the admins are interested, kindly start one (only if the slack community is dead) :slight_smile:

If any of you are reading this and are interested in it, reply to this topic or leave a like so that the admin team can consider it.

Cheers :blush:

For me, personally, I prefer the forum format for several reasons:

  • the forum makes easily searchable threads findable by search engines
  • having each topic separate makes giving support much easier
  • I don't work well with real-time stuff at all so I only come to the forum 2 or 3 times a day which doesn't work well with chats.

I had experience of using Cloudflare's Discord as their only support/discussion channel on the R2 Beta. I found it very difficult to find old stuff and keep the thread of conversations going.

That's my 2p/1¢ anyway :wink:

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I find real time stuff to be useful when I want to quickly fix something and less useful for longer support topics / bugs / etc.

I like searchable as well as I've used a few discords for support and you tend to see the same questions over and over as no one can search or find things.


This forum is pretty much like real-time chat, with @asdffdsa, @Animosity022, and @Ole replying almost immediately all day long. You don't get this anywhere else :wink:


I love this forum and especially the community. I started using Rclone way before registering an account on the platform. The read time should have crossed at least ten times the current read time on my profile.

I set up Rclone, the config, and remote connections without creating a single topic on the forum. Now I have nearly ten different remotes with over 15 concurrent tasks all set up via Rclone. This itself shows how organized the community and the documentations are.

I am all in favor of this community, and it should remain. I have suggested a direct chat scenario with a much easier approach. In the case of the current forum, you have to register a new account and create a new topic which might be tedious for some. In the end, it is entirely up to the admins whether this should be done or not :blush:

I am not a big fan of discord. It is too stuffed and, most of the time contains useless side channels. A new user will almost find it unwelcome, especially for a support chat. For other uses, it is good.

Hi Yolo,

My preferences are much like Nicks, I also prefer having some longer slots of undisturbed time to do "quadrant 2 activities".

I therefore think it is fine to have a little barrier to make people think and do a reasonable effort on their own before asking.

Do/did you yourself experience a need for more real-time support like the one your are proposing?

Can you give a couple of examples of questions you would have asked if it existed (and was manned)?

What do you think of ?

Hey Ole,

I also agree with people putting some effort into themselves initially. I haven't experienced any issues, as I have pointed out in my reply to @ncw.

This was just a suggestion, and plenty of examples of such support communities exist. I would have come up with some quick questions in the last few days, and I don't quite remember them, to be honest. It would be much easier to air these 'quick questions' on a direct chat rather than a posting forum. This was my idea when I created this request. Reddit also works nearly similar to a forum, with posting and replies coming by instead of a chat approach.

As already pointed out, this can be considered or not considered at all. All on the hands of the mods :blush:

--- who is going to provide the tech support to newbies on chat?
--- who is going to monitor the chats, to be sure the best possible advise is given?
--- when i give incorrect advice, who is going to catch that and offer the correct advice?
--- what if i offer a solution, but in fact, there is another much simpler solution?
--- what if i cannot answer the question, how should i handle that?

These are some of the questions that need to be addressed by the mods. I have just put forward a suggestion. I can help to maintain the group, but the support aspect has to be dealt with by the admins of Rclone.

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