Tardigrade/StorJ vs S3 remote for the same

Whether this is "off topic" or not is up for debate but...

I was looking at Storj (aka tardigrade). Based on their docs you can use S3 or a native connection. Looking at the remote overview they do not support copy or move with their remote but it is supported with S3 (along with a hash).

Can anyone confirm for me that it is the case and it is supported properly with the S3?

storj offers free accounts for testing....

using storj over s3, rclone copy/move work.

@jwink3101 This post may interest you:

That is the post that inspired this one!

Thanks though!


in the past i looked that storj, as i find it a concept i could make use of.

then i found this.
"These guides are experimental. The main functionality appears to work, but there are expected to be undiscovered issues"