Taking Long time to Scan files

Hey so I got myself a cheap notebook and I've been playing around with rclone on it. I got a teamdrive with a lot of files (close to 400 folder and 4000 files with each file about 1gb). Now I mounted it successfully and used nssm to add it as a service on windows 10. But the thing is it's taking a lot of time to view to content of those folders even if they contain 10-12 files only.

I use rclone mount remote: X: --config zzxz --vfs-cache-mode writes

The notebook has only about 30 gb ssd and 2gb of ram so not particularly powerful. So I was wondering if I can speed up the scan time and make it so that it scans once per 7 days.

I'm not going to upload huge files from it. Maybe some offical documents.

Is there a way I can go about doing the above. Sorry for the long post.

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