Tahoe-lafs backend

Hi Guys,

Would it be problematic to add tahoe-lafs as a backend?
it sort-of works via sftp but I have to force --size-only for sync

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How do people normally access tahoe-lafs? Is there an API? How is your SFTP access working?

Thank you for the interest.
Please see the official documentation page https://tahoe-lafs.readthedocs.io (documentation for version 1.12.1)
The actual project is at version 1.13 https://github.com/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs but I don’t think that the Frontends changed

in short, there are few including slightly limited SFTP but I do believe REST-ful Web API could be the way to go

Very interesting! The REST API looks perfect for rclone - there are many rclone backends which work in a very similar way so that would be easy for rclone to consume.

If you’d like to move forwards then please make a new issue on github with links to docs.

Would you like to implement the backend?

I am afraid my programming skills are rather mediocre, but I am interested in using/testing it.

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