Systemd on raspberry pi

Hi i just installed rclone on raspberry pi 3b running dietpi - debian(buster) with the help of this tutorial:

and i'm stuck at systemd service creation.

I installed radarr and sonarr programs and they have data directories where database files are accessed or written to every minute or similar, and to protect raspberry pi micro sd card from damaging, dietpi system creator moved data folder to external hdd by default. But then my external hdd can't go to sleep because disk is accessed every minute.
And while looking for a solution where to put these data directories i found rclone. I wish to move radarr/sonarr data folders to rclone google mount.

My rclone mount will be at /mnt/gdrive
rclone is installed as /usr/bin/rclone
systemd directory destination is /etc/systemd/system

I ask for help because i'm trying to understand cache flags, but can't figure it out.

Do i need to cache files? i saw in rclone man pages that i need cache flag if files are written and access at the same time..
If i must cache files, can i cache them to ram memory, to avoid writing data to micro sd card, but again raspberry pi has just 1 gb of ram memory, so can i restrict size of cache somehow?

To repeat, radarr and sonarr are accessing and writing to few database files on regular (1 minute) time intervals, so what is the best solution for me while running rclone?

Which flag do you have a question on?

That's really up to you as to what you want to do. I don't use the cache backend nor do I use any of the vfs-cache-modes.

Are you keeping the Sonarr and Radarr databses on rclone? I wouldn't do that since it's chatty.

Yes i want to keep database folders on rclone google drive mount. I will backup these folders and will experiment for few days.
So, what i need to put in systemd to avoid cache and put files directly on rclone mount to avoid using ram space.. thanks

That's going to be terrible having a database access on a drive. It'll be constantly writing new full database files to the cloud.

I dont think its rewriting full file every time, i was looking at htop and it's writing maybe 20-30kb at time.. maybe its opening database file and apending to it..
How will look systemd for my needs? I will watch radarr, sonarr how it beheave, if there will be any errors i will drop out that idea

Google drive doesn't support anything but a full file upload. It won't upload a changed block.

Is there a alternative cloud drive on rclone mount that can upload part of a file?

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