SYstem interrupts win10 issue

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

After some time win10 system interrupts go over 20-25% CPU load and system is very slow while copying files from mounted gdrive

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)


Which OS you are using and how many bits (eg Windows 7, 64 bit)

Win 10 latest version

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)


The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

rclone mount stasic: s: --drive-shared-with-me --no-modtime --fast-list

The rclone config contents with secrets removed.

Paste config here

Issue started only after few days while heavy usage without restart, I have mounted 5 google drives and I am doing big files copy 5-10 at time, issue started when i did 35+, I have not restarted system
My PC specs is fine Haswell i5, 16GB ram

The rclone mount is done from usual CMD without admin rights as I had issue with with admin console and total commander I use to access mounts

hello and welcome to the forum,

so the issue is just with cpu usage, not memory?

about the local files, are they on a ssd, spinning disk, attached via usb or what?

what version of winfsp is in use, make sure to use latest stable.

what version of win10?

--fast-list does nothing on a mount, so you can remove that.

i always run my mounts and double commander with admin priveleges, never had a problem.
what is the exact problem you experience?

if you run the rclone mount as system user, then processes can see the mount, with or without admin privileges.

  1. latest win10 (20H2), latest winfsp-1.9.21096.msi , system on on SSD

to be honest issue only start if I load net at 1Gbps, but only after 4 days of DL... I will restart and issue will defo go away for some time...
I used each time DL form gdrive and 1 or 2 HDD also tried to use cash for copy from total commander or let it be at default, also if I drop copy just to 2 files which drop network use, system interrapts drop to 10-12% and I can not notice issue while working on system

The issue with admin mount was total commander (admin right did not se mount and when some file time out i had issue accessing other shares, without admin looks like it more stable

I guess its maybe wrong to call it bug maybe global system overload even if I still have 7GB of memory free and nothing more then 20x SSH and 10-15 chrome tabs run atm

PS: not issue on 2nd system which is less powerfull but there no one work so there they use like <15% of 2 core celeron cpu from interapts

not that it matters but the latest is 21h1, which is what i am running.

seems like some limitation and/or bug with hardware drivers or just another typical win10 issue which tends to melt when pushed over a long period of time without a reboot.

one way to try to narrow down the issue.
next time this happens, do not reboot the computer.
instead, kill the rclone mount, restart the winfsp service, restart the mount and see what happens.

might try to change the processor scheduling, to behave more like server, not a desktop.

Yeah its strange I just unmount 4 rclone not used, same huge slow down, had 2 files paused... and was slow doing 800Mbit, then I hit resume in total commander (I DL all files in background so have max speed) and with ne at 980Mbips and mount issue:
ReadFileHandle.Read error: low level retry 1/10: read tcp> i/o timeout

I have bunch of thise sometimes the CPU load dropped a bit, as soon DL finish will try winfuse restart

does that mean the size of the files are large or the number of files copied is large?

Files are 100GB each... I stooped mount, restarted winfuse service atm looks ok, interrupts again jump at 20% but drop down and no system (mouse and screen freezes so far)
CPU load is same 30-60% must be some global system overload, I guess rclone -> winfuse

With mount I can not do total commander files queue as if one file stop all stop, drive for me work 1Gbps speed only if I push 5-30 files 100GB each and some pause for 1h some dl all the time, also when I go to sleep I move ~30+ at once thats when issue started with system overload in the morning

I might try to play with rclone move but last time I tested it with some shares I was not happy as file gone true some verifie phase at end

i would increase the --drive-chunk-size, even without your current issues.
i have no idea - perhaps it might just help cut down the number of system interrupts.

could be as soon next 10+ files finish will try, atm interrapts at 25-30% no huge system slowdowns

drive chunk size did not help, more load on system intrerrupts happen sometimes not sure why, maybe when gdrive is not responding and there is DL from same mount or winfuse is overloaded have no idea, but unmount or just more files different files pushed for DL make system more free
Also changed background priority maybe that helped also hard to know

Issue is very random... mostly with 5 mounts and xx download there is almost no lag, then just one download from one mount and it lag as mad.... it happen quite rare now so can not do log and I am sure log would not help
Linux for sure has no this issue and download is more stable from it then from windows 10

this seems to be an issue specific to your computer, perhaps a hardware driver or config issue.

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