System clock runs faster than normal in Windows 2003 Server


When Rclone is running, the system clock runs faster than normal in my Windows 2003 server. ‘Faster’ meaning like 1,3 seconds per second. Upon closing the program, the clock goes back to the normal speed.

I’ve already tried exchanging the CMOS battery - no difference.

Is this a joke, or are you really running windows server 2003 still?

Unfortunately this is not a joke, we still run a windows server 2003 for running an old DOS program. We need rclone to sync the program’s data to google drive. :grinning: Can you help me?

I expect this is the reason

When the go runtime introduced monotonic time they started using this counter.

I think compiling a version of rclone with go1.8 will fix the problem…

Try this binary and see if it works

If it does, I’ll report a bug on the go bug tracker since they still support Windows 2003 I think.

Problem solved! The system clock is running at normal speed with your binary.

Many thanks, @ncw.

Thanks for testing.

I’ll report this as a go runtime bug.

Here is the go bug: