System Accounts limited on combined data upload?

I have a friend who have become a bit paranoid so now he wants all his data on his unlimited gdrive encrypted.. so i thought we just make a google cloud compute vm with the free 400$ promo.. and use cloudplow with SA setup to breakthrough the 750gb per day limit.. and it works great for about an hour or so... got 1,25 TB uploadet and then suddenly it stops.. no 403 or rate limits in logs or anything.. on the vm's quotas i can see it's not there the limit is.. on my api i got 60k hits out of 1M.. and no errors.. it just hangs and cant upload anything..

Is SA's limited or something?? or any clue to what goes on ?

sidenote on a small n2 4cpu vm i reached upload speeds about 260 MBps (2080 Mbps) at 98% cpu on eu-west4

this is a forum about rclone, not cloudplow.
nothing in cloudplow debug logfile?

if you have an rclone issue.
when you posted, there was a template of questions; help us to help you and provide the answers.

Cloudplow is a frontend to rclone... i just use it to switch SA in rclone..
and theres is no errors in the rclone log or the cloudplow log.. so no reason to post it..
its just a simple question is SA limited or something ?

it just stops.. no 403's or anything.. which normally comes when u hit the limit..

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