Synology NFS mount folder

Hi guys.

Happy New Year.

Have some minor questions that I hope that you can help me with :slight_smile: .

I have Synology NAS mounted to a Debian Plex server via NFS to my home directory /home/user/mnt .

Can I make a cache for that NFS mount via VFS cache?

What Im trying to archive is less harddrive activity on the Synology NAS for 4K streaming locally.

Or should I add a buffer somehow? A bit lost :slight_smile:

hi, not really understanding that you need help with, none of the questions got answered?
what is the rclone mount command, rclone version, remote config, etc...

that rclone vfs file cache will use harddrive, which is what you are trying to avoid.

then do not use a cache.

the way rclone uses its buffer, odds are it would not make a difference.
but add the flag and see what happens.


Sorry for not adding all the details .

It was prolly for off topic and not directly for the help and support Forum :slight_smile:

I have a Debian server which is mounted to my Synology server via NFS .

I was just curious if there was a way to use rclone to add a buffer / cache folder on the Debian server so the Synology server wouldnt have all the read load.

if you want to use the rclone vfs file cache, then need to run rclone mount

But can i mount on the same folder which is mounted via NFS?

currently, rclone does not support NFS but that is being added.

rclone supports SMB

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