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I stumbled across RCLONE from a response on reddit concerning cloud backups from an external drive plugged into a Synology Nas to Microsofts ONEDRIVE .

In a nutshell none of the Synology apps allow cloud sync from an external usb drive plugged into the NAS.

My question is simple, I have a Synology DS214play with anI INTEL Atom CE5335
Could someone tell me in a few bullet pointed steps, how I would proceed to install RCLONE on this NAS?

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Thank you for this. However how would one run this script on the NAS? Is there other prerequisite needed to run this script on my NAS?

enable terminal access and then telnet/ssh into the synbox.

as asdffdsa said enable ssh if it isn't already
(control panel -> last tab [terminal & snmp] -> tick enable ssh)

ssh in as an admin then switch to root.

sudo su -

Then same as on download page run the following omitting sudo after the pipe

curl | bash

MAN page error is normal.

Don't bother with genautocomplete, as syno stripped it pretty well, hence the needing to switch to root instead of being able to pipe sudo.

If homes are enabled then any config will go in the home directory.

Make sure to exit out of root when done so your config isn't setup under it unless you want a root config file

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IMHO, best not to suggest using sudo su - to a novice user, given there is no need for it in this use case.
it leads to mistakes like forgetting to exit out of root.

when the rclone install script runs it will asked for sudo password to run the bash script.
when the script is done, you are not rooted.

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