Syncing between windows source and linux destination temporary name

I saw a few posts refering to this issue, but i couldn't find the final response.

I'm syncing files/dirs from a windows to a linux, the issue im sufferin is that the file on the destination host has the final filename instead of a temporary name until the sync finishes.

Is there any flag or configuration to set this up?


Always super tough with no details and no help template.

Without knowing what backend you are using, what version, it's really tough as your question may make sense on certain backends, but doesn't on many others.

We have the template there to be used so please fill it out.

I've completed the template, you can check it in pastebin:


It's much easier to actually type it into the forum as the link to pastebin will eventually go away.

2022/12/02 13:30:09 NOTICE: Config file "/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf" not found - using defaults
rclone v1.36

What does that mean? That version is beyond ancient.

In the log file, not seeing any files transferred.

Rclone doesn't create temp files nor is there is any flag to my knowledge for SFTP.

If SFTP is your use case and that is a requirement, I'd use rsync personally.

You wont see any transfered files because all the files are already transfered. This is a production scenario. When a new file generates then it gets synced, there's no error, everything works as supposed BUT if someone tries to publicly download the file (from the sync destination) while its syncing from the source the file being incomplete its a problem. So that's why i asked if there's a flag or a configuration option to set a temporary filename on destination until the sync is finished, and then renamed to the correct file name.

Yes, the version is old because is the official version in the ubuntu repository, anyway if my problem would be fixed upgrading i could do it.

system:~# apt search rclone
rclone/bionic-updates,now 1.36-3ubuntu0.1 amd64 [installed]
  rsync for commercial cloud storage

You don't want to use repos with rclone as they (as you see) are not maintained and not current.

is the supported install method as rclone doesn't control repos.

Ok, no problem i'll upgrade it. But this is not the issue.. i'm not getting a simple and straight answer for my question.

Is my answer not clear and simple?


In the local, ftp and sftp (and smb?) backends, partial uploads will overwrite existing full files. This isn't ideal and is something I'd like to change.

All of those backends can rename files, so we'd upload to a temporary file then rename it over the existing one.

Is that the kind of thing you are thinking of?

Here is a relevant issue: add --partial flag to transfer as temporary partial file · Issue #3770 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

Hi, thank you both for your replies. Yes i was talking about that feature, a similar feature which rsync has.

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