Synchronize between different cloud services?

Hi, I have recently found this software and I see it very promising.


1 - Is it possible to use this software to synchronize between different cloud services?

2 - Synchronizing in this way, does the software download the file to the disk where the software is running or does this process only take place between the different services and does not download any files? (important to maintain privacy too)

3 - What parameters do I have to use to do this and keep the metadata (dates) of the files?

Thank you.

hello and welcome to the forum,

yes, rclone can sync between different cloud services.

the sync does NOT download the entire file from the first remote and then upload to the second remote.
instead, rclone will download a chunk of the file from the first remote and uploads the chunk to the second remote.
rclone will keep downloading and uploading chunks.
so privacy is maintained.

rclone will handle the timestamps with metadata, provided both remotes support timestamps.

so no disk space is needed.

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Sure is!

It will stream the files over the network from the source and stream them back again to the destination. The files won't be stored on disk.

You can only copy direct between the same provider which rclone calls a "server side copy".

Rclone preserves the modification time of the files by default so you shouldn't need any special flags.

If you tell us which providers you are copying between we can provide more specific advice.


@asdffdsa @ncw Thank you very much for answering!

I was doing some tests and I am very excited because I made it work perfectly; I thought it would be more complicated.

I've been running some tests and found that some services don't support checksum of files. The sync parameter or some other parameter requires that you can write the checksum of the file that is stored in the online service (cloud) to compare it with the file on disk?

I have also tried encryption and when trying to check the checksum of the decrypted file I have not been successful, am I doing something wrong? I have tried the following:

rclone md5sum encrypt:test.txt
rclone sha1sum encrypt:test.txt

This informs me that it is not supported. But, if possible get the checksum of the encrypted files.

Thanks again!

PD: I forgot to mention that I tested this with Termux on Android since I don't have access to my computer at the moment.

termux, i use it every day.

here, you can find more about the encryption each storage system supports.

you might want to check, pun intended, this link

perhaps share your command and what remotes you are using?
the more you share, the more we can help...

Encrypted remotes don't support checksums alas.

However you can check them using the dedicated rclone cryptcheck command.

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