Sync with --max-age?

I'm hoping this is a simple question with a simple answer, but after searching I haven't found it.

If I run rclone sync --track-renames /data/folders/ GoogleDrive:data/folders/ --max-age=24h --backup-dir=GoogleDrive:backup/folders, what happens with files already on the drive that are older than 24h? Do they stay in place or do they get moved to the backup directory?

should be nothing at all.

with filters, such as --max-age=24h, only apply to the source.
if a source file modtime is less than 24h, then rclone ignores the file, does not check the dest.
that reduces the number of api calls to gdrive.

a safe way to run a rclone command, use --dry-run,
that way rclone will show you what it would do, without actually deleting/copying files.

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