Sync to Oracle Cloud Storage - status code: 404

In light of the ACD issue I found another option. Oracle Cloud Storage is $0.001/gig/mth for archive space. I got it setup to use the S3 APIs and added it as a remote to rclone. I’m able to copy files to the remote, but when I try to do a sync, most of the same files error with the following:

2017/05/21 19:43:15 ERROR : home/pi/MacintoshHD.dmg: Failed to copy: SerializationError: failed to decode S3 XML error response
status code: 404, request id:

I’m running with -vvvvv but no additional details are provided.

Any thoughts?

That is a very interesting vendor and a good price.

Howdy @calisro,

I beg to disagree; my currently used space (~13.5TB) would cost me $13.50/mo, which is already substantially more than the $10/mo I would pay for a unlimited business GSuite account (and that’s for a dyed-in-the-wool, directly from Google, legitimate account, let’s not even mention the accounts people have been finding on eBay).

And GDrive is not only working well (not perfect, but good enough for me at least), but its parent Google has all that “do no evil” mystique behind them, which would make it hard to believe they would do anything remotely dirty or underhanded like the recent Amazon debacle. The same IME can’t be said of Oracle…



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For your storage size yes. For me at 5TB, it is half the price as Google… We’ll it would be if the price of .001 was correct. It isn’t really. Reading more it is .001 for storage and .005 for retrieval. :slight_smile:

Hello @calisro,

Good point.

Well, for WORN access (Write Once, Read Never) you would only pay the $0.001. But then again, for WORN access, you could use your local /dev/null (or equivalent in your preferred OS) for exactly $0.000 :wink:



I was also considering using the Oracle solution, but to start with rclone doesn’t support it, right?
Secondly, the GSuite account seem also a very good option to me.
Anyone knows how to get a good (not ebay) Gsuite account for 10usd per month?


Oracle (kindof) implements the S3 API. You just have to override the endpoint.

When I say kindof I mean the error that I saw when I opened this thread and also that they can’t seem to handle a filename with a space in it.

Did you manage to get it working? If yes, did you use “swift” or “s3”? I can’t seem to get it working. Keep getting unauthorized.

Sorry I missed this original thread.

Can you still reproduce this with the latest beta?

If so can you please make a new issue on github.

For more debugging add -vv --dump-bodies which will show the XML responses. It is likely a bug in Oracle so it may have been fixed now.