Sync to dropbox allways shows 1 file transfered

Usng rclone 1.35 to sync to dropbox;

here is the command am using

./rclone sync dropbox: --dropbox-chunk-size=150M

here is the output

2017/03/17 10:53:22 Dropbox root ‘’: Waiting for checks to finish
2017/03/17 10:53:22 Dropbox root ‘’: Waiting for transfers to finish
2017/03/17 10:53:24 Waiting for deletions to finish
2017/03/17 10:53:24
Transferred: 23.643 kBytes (1.259 kBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 8290
Transferred: 1
Elapsed time: 18.7s

Even after running the sync multiple times, rclone still shows trasfered 1 and the transfered kBytes keep changing. By using --verbose flag found that one .jpeg file is getting transfered everytime.

2017/03/17 11:00:10 share/ref/References/sword.jpg: Copied (new)

Any reason why it is getting transfered even though it is existing in the Dropbox ?
Not breaking anything but just want to confirm if am missing any flags to sync.

Btw, fantastic piece of software.
Thanks @ncw and other devs for the amazing work!


Are there by any chance two files in the same directory which differ only by case? Eg Sword.jpg and sword.jpg? That would explain it.

You are freaking awesome! Exactly, I have sword.jpg and Sword.jpg.
Since dropbox is case insensitive I guess its transfering and overwriting the same file on each upload ?

Yes that is right - hence the differing transfer sizes.

The only solution I’ve got for this is to rename one of the two files.

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Thanks for the help!