Sync the last XXXMB to provider

So this is something I want to do, I could probably create a script to do it, but I would like to know if this is possible or could be added to the rclone tool

My cloud provider only provides 1TB of space, but I have more than 1TB of stuff, so I would like to basically keep the last 1TB of data on the cloud provider at all times, kind of like a feed of the last 1TB of stuff.

So when I sync, I would like to delete the oldest stuff and upload the newer stuff all to fit on the cloud provider as close to 1TB as possible.

How about that, can this type of feature be added to rclone? This is such a great tool.

You could do some stuff with --min-age and --max-age to make sure you only keep the stuff from the last 30 days (say).

You could probably script this with rclone size to figure out the days old you need to make it 1TB.

Quite a tricky problem!